Enigma Energy is in the process of rapid expansion!

We have plans for 500 charging stations throughout the great State of Nevada bringing over 15,000 jobs to the State, and we are coming to a State, City, and neighborhood near you!

We are currently working to build stations in Atlanta Georgia, Humbolt Tennessee, Lexington Kentucky, San Francisco California and many others.
Don’t see your State here? Let us know that you want a station in your area and we will do our best to make it happen.

Electric Vehicles

Enigma Energy’s motor vehicle division provides Electric Vehicles with a sub 5 minute recharge capability and is the first Black/American Indian Car manufacture in over 100 years.
We are proud to manufacture our EVs to order, right here in the Silver State of Nevada.

Charging Stations

Enigma Energy provides full service charging stations for Electric Vehicles.
Relax in our charging station lounge area while our charging station attendants charge and care for your electric vehicle.
We currently feature ABB and AeroVironment chargers with our DC fast chargers recharging your car in 15 minutes.

Direct Charge Power Cell

Enigma Energy provides DCPC systems up to 1 MW that desalinizes water while creating electricity to be used with our CFMM technology creating the power system of the future.


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